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Recruitment at CEC 2014


Employment is expected to increase faster than average for special educators. Job prospects should be excellent because many districts report problems finding adequate numbers of licensed special education teachers.
- Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job recruiters at CEC 2014 can meet with qualified candidates, interview and hire special educators onsite, and receive one complimentary job posting on, CEC’s online job board, including free resume access.  

Are you recruiting teachers?

•    84% of attendees think the CEC Expo is the place to be if you are looking for a teaching position. 
•    76.3% of attendees feel it’s a good place to look for higher education faculty, administrative, and related service professional positions.

Are you recruiting university students?

•    12% of attendees are students studying special education.
•    More than 5,000 people typically come to the convention, so there are a number of leads who may be ready for your program.
•    As the demand increases for special educators, there will be more prospects ready for your program.

Student recruiters at CEC 2014 can:

•    Answer questions about programs and eligibility requirements.
•    Market your college or university personally.
•    Meet candidates face-to-face.
•    Help shape the future of special education.

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